20,000 kWh of electricity stored in 2 hours of charging Sichuan built a “super charging treasure” covering an area of 18,000 square meters

According to CCTV News, on August 25, the “world’s first carbon dioxide + flywheel energy storage demonstration project” was completed in Deyang City, Sichuan Province. The project covers an area of 18,000 square meters, about the size of two and a half football fields, and has an energy storage scale of 10MW/20MWh. It can fill up 20,000 kWh of electricity in 2 hours, enough for more than 60 families to use it for one month.

Therefore, it is also called “zero carbon super charging treasure” by many people.

充电2小时存电2万度 四川建成占地18000㎡的“超级充电宝”

In addition, with the cooperation of the two-way motor, the “flywheel” in this super charging treasure can realize the mutual conversion of kinetic energy and electric energy, and the response speed reaches the millisecond level.

More importantly, the entire “charge and discharge” process does not use fossil fuels and does not generate solid waste, which is why it is called zero carbon.

The surplus electrical energy can be converted into other energy for storage during the low electricity consumption period, and then the energy can be re-converted into electrical energy during the electricity consumption peak period.

充电2小时存电2万度 四川建成占地18000㎡的“超级充电宝”

Carbon dioxide energy storage is a kind of compressed gas energy storage. It can provide various services such as peak regulation, frequency regulation and black start for the operation of the power grid. It can significantly improve the flexibility and safety of the power system. It is a supporting technology for the construction of a new power system. .

It can not only be matched with new energy sources such as solar power and wind power to effectively make up for the weakness of its inability to provide stable and continuous power supply, but also can be used with traditional thermal power as a power compensation for small load conditions when traditional thermal power operates flexibly. The peak shaving capacity of the unit and the comprehensive utilization efficiency of energy.


Article source: Fast Technology


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