The first CATL Kirin battery: ZEEKR 001 with a pure battery life of over 1000 kilometers is here

On August 27, ZEEKR officially released news that ZEEKR has officially announced the cooperation with CATL, and ZEEKR has become the first brand for global mass production of Kirin batteries. ZEEKR’s ZEEKR 009 has become the world’s first mass-produced model of Kirin batteries, and ZEEKR 001 has become the world’s first mass-produced model equipped with Kirin batteries, with a pure electric cruising range exceeding 1000km.

It sounds a bit confusing, that is to say, 009 is the first model to use Kirin batteries, and 001 is the first to become a mass-produced electric vehicle equipped with Kirin batteries and has a battery life of more than 1,000 kilometers. Everyone can be the first.

ZEEKR 001 is not unfamiliar to everyone. It is the first pure electric vehicle for hunting launched after the establishment of Jikr. Previously, due to the hurried listing, various imperfect and even low-level bugs appeared, and due to the limited computing power of the chips used , resulting in serious car and machine lag, which has been criticized by users.

However, with the improvement of several OTA upgrades, especially the recent move to replace the 8155 chip for free, the car has gradually improved, and as a result, it has attracted countless fans and attracted many potential consumers. The kilometer endurance version 001 is bound to be more dazzling.

The 009 is the second model of ZEEKR. It is positioned as a medium and large MPV. Its length, width and height are 5209*2024*1856/1867 mm, and the wheelbase is 3205 mm. Top speed is 190 km/h.

The release and delivery time of the 009 has not yet been set. The official announcement is that it will be the first batch of models equipped with Kirin batteries, so it seems that there is not much hope for delivery within this year.

In addition to ZEEKR, just today, CATL officials also announced that AITO, jointly built by Huawei and Celis, will also be the first model to use Kirin batteries.

Article source: Fast Technology


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