Chairman of Changan: China’s auto industry has begun to have basic conditions for stopping the sale of fuel vehicles

With the general trend of new energy vehicles, traditional fuel vehicles are under pressure. In recent years, many car companies have decided to stop selling fuel vehicles and fully turn to new energy technologies. Some foreign countries have also proposed a timetable for banning the sale of fuel vehicles in 2035. Now The chairman of Changan Automobile said that the domestic suspension of fuel vehicles has also begun to meet the conditions, and suggested that the relevant state departments should study. According to the Financial Associated Press, on August 27, the 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Conference opened.

Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, put forward several suggestions on the development of comprehensive electrification, including further accelerating the top-level design of the new energy industry, and systematically promoting the coordinated development of new energy industrialization, social application, and energy structure;

It is recommended that corporate scientific research institutes and universities strengthen cooperation to accelerate the research, development and application of new-generation batteries;

It is suggested to speed up the pace of transformation and put the suspension of sales of fuel vehicles in my country on the agenda.

Zhu Huarong believes that China’s auto industry has initially met the basic conditions for stopping the sale of fuel vehicles and can enter the research agenda.

He suggested that the relevant ministries and commissions of the state, industries and industries should clarify the time limit for studying traditional fuel vehicles, and guide enterprises and the whole society to transition to new energy in an orderly manner.

Article source: Fast Technology


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