Tesla’s China-made Model 3 will be replaced with CATL MP batteries to increase battery life

On the afternoon of August 18, two sources revealed that Tesla is about to launch a new Model 3. The new version of Model 3 has been fully equipped. The biggest highlight is that the entire system has been replaced with the M3P battery provided by CATL, and the battery life has been improved by at least 10%. Previously, some media reported that the Chinese-made Model Y decided to replace the Ningde era M3P battery with a 72-degree battery pack. CATL will supply Tesla with M3P batteries in the fourth quarter of this year, and this version of the Model Y will be available early next year.



Official data shows that the energy density of Ningde era M3P batteries is about 15% higher than that of lithium iron phosphate batteries, reaching 210Wh/kg. The cost is comparable to that of lithium iron phosphate batteries and lower than that of ternary lithium batteries. Previously, Wu Kai, chief scientist of CATL, said at the World Power Battery Conference that CATL will divide new energy vehicles into three market segments: 1000km battery life, 700km battery life and 300-500km battery life. In the 700km mainstream new energy vehicle market, CATL’s solution is the M3P battery + Kirin battery structure. The two techniques can be used in combination.

At present, the Model 3 produced by Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory is equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries provided by CATL. The CLTC version on sale has a cruising range of 556km to 675km under comprehensive operating conditions. 700km. The source also revealed that Tesla still has no plans to use BYD-supplied batteries in vehicles produced at the Shanghai Gigafactory.

Due to the low-cost characteristics of the Ningde era M3P battery, there is room for price reduction after the entire system is replaced with the battery pack, whether it is Model 3 or Model Y. For the above news, Tesla China did not comment.

Article source: Sina Technology


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