An ideal ONE owner’s high-speed horror scene: too much belief in assisted driving in exchange for lumbar fractures

After high-speed automatic assisted driving is turned on, the driver needs to pay close attention to the road conditions. Whether it is a new intelligent car-making force or a traditional car company, there are situations where automatic assisted driving is inaccurate and easy to cause rear-end collisions. A few days ago, the owner of the ideal ONE posted a post on the Internet, exposing that he encountered a rear-end collision with assisted driving.

The owner introduced that on May 18, he drove the Ideal ONE and started the automatic driving mode at high speed, but the car hit the construction vehicle in front at a speed of 95 yards. No slowdown. He suffered a fractured lumbar spine in the accident and is still in hospital.

Judging from the accident photos, the front cabin of the Ideal ONE was hit beyond recognition, the airbags in the car were fully deployed, and the car damage was relatively serious.

At present, the ideal car has not responded to the owner’s explanation.

However, similar accidents have also occurred on Tesla, Xiaopeng, Weilai and other models before. At this stage, the automatic assisted driving is far from the level of automatic driving, and the driver still needs to be the main driver.

In fact, the recognition of stationary objects by automatic assisted driving systems on high-speed vehicles has always been a problem in the industry, but now, major car companies still have not come up with better solutions, and can only remind car owners to pay close attention to the road conditions ahead when using them .



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