It is expected to completely solve the fire problem CATL will launch condensed matter batteries next year

In addition to Kirin batteries, CATL has more “Wang Bang” coming soon. Recently, Wu Kai, chief scientist of CATL, said at the World New Energy Vehicle Conference: CATL plans to launch a new generation of battery cells in 2023: condensed batteries. It is understood that condensed matter batteries have the characteristics of high safety, high reliability, and good cycle life.

有望彻底解决起火问题 宁德时代明年推出凝聚态电池

It is worth noting that Zeng Yuqun, the chairman of CATL, has disclosed that in addition to all-solid-state batteries and semi-solid batteries, including condensed batteries that you have never heard of, CATL is working on it.

Zeng Yuqun said that the innovation of the power battery chemical system, the innovation of the structure, the innovation of the manufacturing, and the innovation of the business model can be integrated to promote the development of the new energy vehicle industry.

So what is a condensed matter battery? Some experts believe that the core of a condensed matter battery is to achieve superfluidity, superconductivity, stability, and superior conductivity. In short, the battery is more stable, larger in capacity, and more efficient in conduction. faster.

At present, condensed state batteries may also belong to a kind of semi-solid state batteries. It is a condensed state electrolyte with liquid components in it, which has no fluidity and has strong adhesion. The transition route in the battery development process is also a necessary route.

In addition, CATL will also adopt NP2.0 technology next year, which is the second-generation battery safety technology of CATL, with the technical characteristics of active isolation and downward pressure relief.

NP2.0 technology + condensed matter battery, can this time completely kill the spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles?

Article source: Fast Technology


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