Polestar 2 battery replacement is 300,000 more expensive than a new car

With the increase in the price of batteries, the cost of replacing batteries for electric vehicles has also risen, and even the embarrassing situation that electric vehicles cannot be repaired when they are broken, electric vehicles have really become “electric fathers”. Recently, the host of Zhejiang Voice’s “We Are All Autobots” broke the news: Mr. Huang, the owner of a Polestar 2 dual-motor long-endurance version, said that after he hit a mountain in an accident while driving, the headlights and chassis parts were damaged, and the battery was damaged. The plate is recessed inward.

During the repair process, Mr. Huang was informed by the 4S shop that he could not replace the bottom aluminum plate alone, but could only replace the entire battery pack.

However, the Polestar 2 with an invoice price of 249,000 yuan, the 4S shop gave a replacement price of 540,000 yuan, which means that it is nearly 300,000 yuan more expensive than its car purchase invoice.

极星2换电池比新车快贵30万 车主直接走全损报废

In the end, the car owner Mr. Huang was also quite speechless. After negotiation with the insurance company, the accident car was not repaired or replaced with a new battery, but went directly to a total loss.

However, according to the owner of the car, the repair price of 540,000 yuan quoted by the 4S shop is not only the price of battery pack replacement. However, the specific price of the store cannot be inquired.

In addition, it is not only the car repair that makes the car owner upset, but also makes the car owner upset when the insurance company pays. Because the invoice price of the vehicle was 249,000 yuan, but the insurance contract stated that the total damage to the car was 338,000 yuan, the insurance company was only willing to pay 249,000 yuan.

This made Mr. Huang and the host puzzled. After all, the insurance company charged insurance fees according to the compensation standard of 338,000 yuan, but when the compensation was paid, it was paid according to 249,000 yuan. So far, the two sides have not reached an agreement on the matter.

极星2换电池比新车快贵30万 车主直接走全损报废

Article source: Fast Technology


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