Sichuan power supply is tight: running three charging piles in the middle of the night before charging, the main body of new energy vehicles will be embarrassed

This summer, Sichuan Province encountered a large-scale, long-term extreme high temperature weather once in 60 years. The drought in the watershed caused a significant drop in hydropower generation capacity, and the demand for air-conditioning cooling loads far exceeded the expected level, resulting in a severe situation of energy supply. Affected by this, many new energy swap stations and charging piles have been suspended, and some new energy vehicle owners have felt unprecedented “charging” pressure.

四川供电紧张:半夜连跑三个充电桩才充上电 新能源车主体会到狼狈

A new energy car owner posted, “It’s not charging, or it’s on the way to find a charging pile.”

According to Jimu News, on the evening of August 19, Wang Ting from Dazhou, Sichuan drove an electric car to Chengdu. When passing through Nanchong City, Wang Ting found three charging piles before charging successfully. It took more than 2 hours to wait for charging.”

The same situation happened to Zheng Hui, a tram car in Chengdu. When the vehicle had 40 kilometers of battery life left, Zhang Hui began to look for charging piles. When the vehicle was charged, the battery life was only 8 kilometers. “There are still 8 kilometers left, and I will ‘hang’ on the road. I just can’t pick up the car. In a month, I realized the embarrassment of new energy vehicles.”

According to statistics, the number of electric vehicles in the country has exceeded 10 million, and sales are still growing rapidly.

If you have a charging pile, you basically don’t have to worry about the problem of not being able to charge. And public charging piles may not be available due to extreme conditions, and friends who want to buy new energy vehicles need to think carefully.

Article source: Fast Technology


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