The sudden price reduction of the ideal car was collectively complained by the owner: this is a deception, demanding 20,000 compensation

Many friends who want to buy LI Auto ONE have recently discovered that LI Auto ONE has started a big price promotion. After the cash discounts in some stores are superimposed with gifts and insurance discounts, the amount can even reach 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. And this also makes LI Auto ONE old owners unacceptable.

According to the news on September 3, according to the black cat complaint platform, LI Auto has recently received a collective complaint from car owners, and the reason for the complaint is “there is a problem of deceptive sales”.

According to the owner’s complaint, when the owner ordered LI Auto ONE in June and July this year, he specifically asked the sales and Li Auto’s official website customer service if there would be a new model. There is also a matter of the third quarter of next year, and the national unified price is guaranteed, and there is no price reduction.

However, more than two months after the car was picked up, that is, on September 1, 2022, LI Auto announced that the LI Auto one will be upgraded and discontinued, and it will be sold at a discount of 20,000 yuan.

All kinds of behaviors, there are problems such as deception, concealment, false propaganda, etc., which cause my losses. I now propose 3 points: 1. Refund the discount of 20,000 yuan; 2. Provide a lifetime warranty to ensure the follow-up maintenance after the vehicle is discontinued; 3. I reserve the right to replace the new vehicle.

Another car owner said that when he delivered the deposit in June 2022, he asked the salesperson many times whether a new model or another model would be released soon, and the salesman answered no.

The owner immediately purchased the car and picked up the car in July. It has only been a month since LI Auto officially lowered the price of the LI Auto one he purchased (with a price reduction of more than 20,000 yuan) and officially announced the suspension of production. L8, this is a deception to consumers.

In addition, there are also car owners who have summarized 4 key information about rights protection:

1. The price reduction affects the price of used cars and damages the interests of car owners;

2. The cost of production shutdown and after-sales maintenance has been greatly increased, whether it is time or money;

3. Brand trust and ideal have hurt the trust of the Chinese people, so ideal company is required to explain;

4. Ask for 20,000 cash compensation.

It is worth mentioning that, regarding the discount and production suspension of LI Auto ONE, the first electric network reported that the staff of the ideal car direct-operated store confirmed that there are discounts, and in addition to the discount of 20,000 yuan in September, there are other discounts, The total cash discount can reach 35,000 yuan.

On September 1 this year, when LI Auto announced the delivery volume in August, it also revealed that the Ideal L8 will be released in November this year, and “delivery will start in the month of release”. Some people have analyzed that the LI Auto ONE was discontinued to make way for the upcoming L8.

Li Xiang, the founder of LI Auto, once said: “Friends who hold coins and watch L8 should not buy ONE.” At present, LI Auto has not officially responded to the collective complaints of car owners.


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