Tesla charging pile costs 540 yuan per charge? Customer Service: Including overtime occupancy fee

On June 9, some netizens posted on the Ruian Forum that they were frightened by the overtime occupancy fee of Tesla’s super charging pile, and they parked their car in the Tesla super charging parking lot in the B1 parking lot of Ruian Wuyue Plaza. Finally spent 540 yuan. After the post was exposed on the Internet, it aroused heated discussions among many netizens. Some netizens said, “The cost of charging is more expensive than gasoline”, and “It is not so expensive to use a gasoline car.”

Tesla charging pile costs 540 yuan per charge? Customer Service: Including overtime occupancy fee.

In response to this matter, Tesla customer service responded that this fee includes the overtime occupancy fee, in order to improve the utilization of public resources.

The details of the charging bill announced by netizens show that the total charging cost is 540.8 yuan, of which 74KWh is charged, 1.6 yuan/kWh, and the total cost is 118.4 yuan; and there are two levels of overtime occupancy fees, which are 198.4 yuan and 224 yuan respectively.

This is also the reason for the high charging bills; according to Tesla’s previous introduction, if there is only one car at the overcharging station, there will be no charge for staying for a long time. If the utilization rate reaches 100%, the overtime charge will be 6.4 yuan per minute. This is to improve Charging pile utilization.

Officials said that the car owner needs to leave the charging parking space immediately after charging. If the car leaves within five minutes, the overtime fee will be waived, and if it exceeds 5 minutes, the overtime occupancy fee will be charged by the minute. As for the charging standard, it is divided into two cases, idle time (less than 50% of the free parking space) 3.2 yuan/min, busy time (no free parking space) 6.4 yuan/min.

However, many car owners believe that such an overcharge space fee is not only too high but also takes too short a time. If you go to the mall to charge, sometimes the shopping will not come out after charging, 5 minutes is not enough time to get off the elevator, and the maximum is 6.4 in 1 minute. Yuan.

Do you think Tesla’s policy is reasonable?


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