It is reported that CATL will supply M3P batteries to Tesla in the fourth quarter of this year

Recently, according to “LatePost” reports, CATL will supply Tesla with the latest M3P batteries in the fourth quarter of this year. This battery will be used in the Model Y (72kWh) model, which will be released early next year. Officially listed. At this year’s World Power Battery Conference, Wu Kai, chief scientist of CATL, said that the company’s M3P battery has been mass-produced and will be launched to the market next year.

It is understood that the M3P battery is a battery developed by CATL based on a new material system. According to industry insiders, the energy density of the M3P battery is about 15% higher than that of the lithium iron phosphate battery, reaching 210Wh/kg, and the cost is comparable to that of the lithium iron phosphate battery. The ternary lithium battery is lower.

To be precise, Ningde era M3P is not lithium manganese iron phosphate, but also contains other metal elements, called the ternary of the phosphate system, which can solve the problems of short cycle life and large internal resistance of lithium manganese iron phosphate batteries.

Musk is very optimistic about the application of manganese in batteries. In March this year, he publicly stated that Tesla has been trying to use manganese in batteries.

Industry insiders are also optimistic about lithium iron manganese phosphate batteries, believing that they will gradually replace ordinary lithium iron phosphate batteries and become the mainstream loading solution.

At present, the power batteries of electric vehicles on the market are mainly ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate. However, in recent years, lithium iron phosphate batteries have become a favorite. Data shows that in the first half of this year, lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium The battery loadings were 58.5% and 41.4%, respectively.

Once Tesla starts to use the latest lithium iron manganese phosphate battery from CATL, it will definitely play a leading and demonstrative role. I believe that more car companies will join in the future, so the market size of ternary lithium batteries may be further compressed. , it doesn’t smell at all.



Article source: Fast Technology


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