GAC Aian LX is suspected of locking electricity, the technical director responded that it was to prevent spontaneous combustion

Many car owners value the advantages of Aion’s large sales volume, good reputation and long battery life, and choose to order Aion vehicles. However, due to the problem of locking electricity, some car owners have begun to collectively defend their rights. Recently, the car owner said that after several rounds of OTA, the vehicle charging speed was slowed down, and the battery charging power was obviously insufficient compared with the past.


According to the charging screenshots provided by several car owners, the 2019 GAC AION LX 80 models charge a total of 87.53 kWh from 1% of the remaining power to the jump gun. According to the manufacturer, the in-car battery capacity of the AION LX models is At 93 kWh, Aian locks the battery of the old model by about 4 degrees.

In this regard, the “Blue Whale Car” reporter conducted a charging test on a 2019 AION LX 80 to verify the car owner’s claim of “locking electricity”.

They exhausted the power and displayed 1% remaining power. After the battery had cooled down, after 2 hours and 54 minutes, the battery was fully charged and the charging ended automatically. According to the charging pile settlement information, the charging power of this experiment was 89.14 kWh, and it took nearly 3 hours.

Neglecting the loss of the conversion efficiency of the charging pile, the loss of the vehicle’s own cooling system, and the loss of wire heating, the results of this round of charging experiments differ by 3.86 kWh from the official rated capacity of 93.3 kWh, which is slightly different from the actual data measured by the car owner.

Afterwards, they went to the GAC Aian 4S store to check the battery status. The maximum cell voltage was 4.09V, which was 0.1V different from the typical calibration value of 4.19V for the 811 cell’s maximum cell voltage.

That is to say, the maximum cell voltage upper limit (charge cut-off voltage) of the 2019 AION LX 80 version model is artificially limited. After the upper limit of the maximum cell voltage is reduced, the direct impact is that the charge cut-off voltage is reduced.

Originally, the entire battery pack can be charged up to 470V, but now it can only be charged to 453.9V. The total system voltage difference is 16.10V, multiplied by the corresponding rated capacity of the battery pack of 231Ah, it can be known that the 2019 AION LX 80 version model “locks power” about 3 degrees.

Subsequently, the reporter asked the technical director of a GAC ​​Aian dealer in Beijing for verification. He said that “the vehicle battery does have some surplus power. One is the power reserved for the 24-hour real-time upload of data to the in-vehicle data monitoring system, and the other is to reduce the charging voltage of the battery cells to prevent spontaneous combustion.”

At present, because of this incident, many car owners have complained to the manufacturer on the complaint platform, and GAC Aian has not issued a specific response plan.

Article source: Fast Technology


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