Yutong Bus: Hydrogen fuel cell buses have been sold in batches

On June 17, Yutong Bus responded to the investor’s question on the investor interaction platform “Can the company develop and produce safer and more environmentally friendly fuel cell vehicles? Fuel cell leader Xinyuan Power can provide the company with products”, and said that the company’s product layout Including fuel cell bus products, and has achieved mass sales of hydrogen fuel cell bus products; since 2018, the company’s fuel cell bus has achieved mass promotion and application in Zhengzhou, Zhangjiakou and other places.

Yutong Bus: Hydrogen fuel cell buses have been sold in batches

It is understood that Yutong Bus attaches great importance to the research and development of bus technology, closely follows the technological development trends of electrification, intelligent networking, low carbonization, and lightweight, and has conducted in-depth research on safety, energy saving, comfort, environmental protection and other aspects. Independent research and development and systematic technological innovation have formed the corresponding leading technology and product advantages. The company’s new energy technology focuses on the research and development and industrialization of pure electric, hybrid, and fuel cell buses, based on the development concept of “lowest cost in the whole life cycle”, and takes the industry’s common key technologies “electric drive, electric control, battery” as the independent research and development. At the entry point, many major breakthroughs have been made in autonomous driving technology, vehicle networking and intelligent networking cloud platform technology, and multi-scenario fuel cell systems.

In terms of market sales, the domestic sales of Yutong buses are combined with direct sales and distribution, with direct sales as the mainstay and distribution as a supplement; domestic sales are divided into more than ten operating regions based on regions, achieving deep and effective coverage of all cities and counties in the country. In addition, there are about 200 contract dealers nationwide, covering all provinces and key cities. The company continues to innovate its marketing model, deeply optimize and integrate online and offline marketing channels, and develop and build Internet e-commerce platforms such as online shopping malls, live broadcasts, and small stores to provide customers with better car buying services. The company continues to expand and optimize its service network, and has successively established 13 4S central stations in Zhengzhou and other places. Continue to shorten the service radius.

Yutong Bus pointed out that the company continues to innovate service models and improve service specialization. Combined with the product characteristics and customer operation needs of various segments of the bus market, it will continue to explore and improve the differentiated service models of products in each segment. Diversified service needs, build an integrated service platform, develop and launch service product solutions, covering extended warranty, maintenance, refit, service all-inclusive and other products, to provide customers with a more professional, convenient and efficient after-sales service experience , to create greater value for customers.

Yutong Bus also emphasized that it adopts a sales model that combines direct sales and distribution in overseas markets; the company’s overseas sales and service network has achieved the layout in the global target market, through more than 70 subsidiaries, offices, distribution partners, and direct sales teams. A channel model, covering the Americas, Africa, Asia-Pacific, the CIS, the Middle East, Europe, and localized cooperation in more than ten countries and regions such as Ethiopia through KD assembly, realizing the transition from product output to “technology output and Brand Licensing” innovative business model.

It is worth mentioning that Yutong Bus is committed to improving the service and spare parts supply system, and has formed an after-sales service system mainly based on me. Customer service needs in order to continuously improve customer service experience. In the main target market, the company has become one of the mainstream bus suppliers. In the field of new energy buses, the company has formed bulk order sales in major markets in the Middle East, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions.


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