Honeycomb Energy and SDIC Luoka Five Star Aluminum Sign a Strategic Agreement

On June 15, Honeycomb Energy signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SDIC Luo Potassium and Wuxing Aluminum Industry respectively at the Honeycomb Energy Changzhou Base to strengthen the supply chain layout of raw materials such as potassium, lithium and aluminum.
According to the agreement, Honeycomb Energy will carry out strategic cooperation with SDIC Luo Potassium in the field of lithium resources, and carry out in-depth cooperation around cutting-edge technology application, cooperative development, resource layout, etc., to ensure the stable supply of lithium resources, thereby enhancing the core competition of both parties in the global market. force. Through the strategic cooperation with Honeycomb Energy, SDIC Luoka will further expand its business scope, thereby further enhancing its competitive advantage in the global market.

Honeycomb Energy will establish a long-term strategic partnership with Wuxing Aluminum, carry out in-depth product research and development and technical exchanges and cooperation, and jointly develop domestic and foreign innovative products with significant social significance and commercial value. At the same time, Honeycomb Energy invited Wuxing Aluminum to settle in the Honeycomb Energy Industrial Park to enhance product competitiveness through the industrial park’s energy advantages and geographical advantages. Wuxing Aluminum actively cooperates with the strategic planning of the Honeycomb Energy supply chain, provides a safer and more reliable product portfolio for downstream new energy battery companies, and strives to build a healthy and stable supply chain system to ensure the raw material demand for Honeycomb Energy to expand its production capacity in the future.

As a high-tech enterprise in the global power battery industry, Honeycomb Energy uses an innovative procurement and supply collaboration model to create a secure supply chain ecosystem partner system to ensure production capacity and supply demand. By choosing in-depth strategic cooperation with leading companies in the industry, Honeycomb Energy will join forces with upstream and downstream companies in the industry chain to jointly establish an ecological industrial park and promote the establishment of a bee colony model ecosystem, so as to create a symbiotic, co-creative and win-win industrial ecosystem. .

Yang Hongxin, Chairman and CEO of Honeycomb Energy, Huang Zheng, Senior Vice President, Quan Suhan, Vice President, Li Shoujiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of SDIC Luoka, Zhang Guodong, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, Lei Guangyuan, Deputy General Manager and the management team, Ding, the parent company of Five Star Aluminum Zhou Xianhai, chairman of Shengxin New Materials, Wang Cheng, general manager of Dingsheng New Materials, and the management teams of all parties attended the relevant signing ceremony.


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