Evergrande Auto is rumored to be acquired: the factory will stop working and only produce 200 cars in half a year

As the most important first model of Evergrande, the Hengchi 5 did not have an exclusive press conference, so it went on the market quietly, and the Hengchi 5 has only one configuration, priced at 179,000 yuan. In terms of sales policy, in order to dispel consumers’ doubts about after-sales, Hengchi 5 also launched ten rights and interests such as refunds within 15 days and lifetime warranty on the whole vehicle.

恒大汽车传出或将被并购:工厂将停工 半年仅生产200辆汽车

But even so, the future of Hengchi 5 may still be slim. As for the number of car-ordering users officially said to have reached 37,000, and how many vehicles can actually be delivered, the factory’s production capacity can already give the answer.

On August 17, according to a report by Jiemian News, 43 days after the pre-sale of the Hengchi 5, the government will take the lead, and Evergrande may be acquired by another car company. But Evergrande Auto is the last hope of Evergrande Group, and Evergrande is not willing to let go.

Although Evergrande Group values ​​Evergrande Auto, its poor debt situation has hindered the production of Evergrande Auto. At present, only the Tianjin factory of Evergrande has production qualifications, and the Hengchi 5 models that are being pre-sold are produced here.

A person familiar with the matter said, “Now all suppliers are reluctant to cooperate with Evergrande. When Evergrande talks to anyone about production and supply, they pay the full amount first.”

In addition, last week, personnel related to the purchase of Evergrande wealth management, real estate and Hengchi suppliers entered the assembly workshop of Hengchi Tianjin factory to defend their rights, resulting in a production shutdown. And because of insufficient materials, the Tianjin factory will also be closed tomorrow (August 18). It has been more than half a year since the first 5 Hengchi vehicles rolled off the production line, but the Tianjin plant has only produced about 200 Hengchi vehicles.

Regarding the actual production issue, Hengchi Auto has not yet made an explanation, and will follow up.

Article source: Fast Technology

恒大汽车传出或将被并购:工厂将停工 半年仅生产200辆汽车


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