Ideal ONE caught fire on the roadside in rain: cause unknown

Recently, some netizens uploaded an accident video of the ideal ONE catching fire. Judging from the pictures taken, a fire broke out on the road of a ONE with an ideal Deep Green color matching. It was parked in the emergency lane on the side of the road, and the door was open. The casualties of the accident are currently unknown.

This ideal ONE burned very violently, the fire was quite large, and the flames rushed several meters into the sky. The scene was quite terrifying.

The LED star ring lights on its front face did not light up, so it can be speculated that this is an old ideal ONE, and from the surrounding environment, it was still raining at that time.

But it should be pointed out that the ideal ONE fire location is not the engine compartment and the bottom of the vehicle, but from the car compartment, so it is speculated that the relationship with the battery or the range extender is not very big, maybe it is the car memory. Caused by any flammable material.

The author who uploaded the video did not disclose any further information, and the ideal official has not issued an announcement or statement on the matter.

As the first model of the ideal car, the ideal ONE has been loved by home users after its launch. The latest data shows that in July, the ideal ONE delivered 10,422 units, an increase of 21.3% year-on-year, and exceeded 10,000 again.

Since its delivery, the cumulative delivery volume of Ideal ONE has reached 194,913. Just yesterday, the 200,000th ideal ONE rolled off the production line at the Changzhou base of Li Auto, becoming the first Chinese brand with a price of more than 300,000 yuan. Lines of more than 200,000 models.

Article source: Fast Technology


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