BYD Han EV Qianshan Cui version “spontaneous combustion”, and the safety of blade batteries is hotly debated

On August 16, some netizens posted a video on social platforms saying that the BYD Han EV Qianshan Cui version just bought suddenly “spontaneous combustion” while walking on the road. The incident was also sent to the hot search.

The “spontaneous combustion” accident of the BYD Han EV Qianshan Cui version occurred in Langzhong, Sichuan. The specific reason is unknown, and BYD Auto has not issued a statement on the matter.

It can be seen from the screenshot of the video of the “spontaneous combustion” accident that the fire broke out from the chassis of BYD Han, and the fire was very large. The firefighters rushed to the scene and made emergency rescue. In the end, only the “car shell” was left.

According to the data, BYD Han is a medium and large-sized sedan launched by BYD Auto, with a price of more than 200,000 yuan. In addition to the blade battery, BYD Auto has always claimed that the blade battery will never “spontaneous combustion”, and this “spontaneous combustion” accident is a slap in the face of BYD’s blade battery.

In addition, BYD Han is also responsible for the sales of BYD Auto. In the past July, the sales volume of BYD Han was 25,270 units, and the cumulative sales volume from January to July was 122,220 units.

After entering 2022, new energy vehicles have developed explosively, but “spontaneous combustion” accidents have also occurred one after another. New energy vehicles are still unable to escape the doom of “spontaneous combustion”, and various car companies are also overcoming “spontaneous combustion” difficulties. BYD Auto’s blade battery is one of them. Various acupuncture experiments have been done in the early stage, and there is no “spontaneous combustion” phenomenon. Therefore, BYD Auto claims that the large battery will never “spontaneous combustion”. However, the blade battery is actually still Whether it will “spontaneous combustion” is still unknown.

The BYD Han EV Qianshan Cui limited edition “spontaneous combustion” incident needs to be paid attention to by BYD Auto, because it is not only a test of the blade battery, but also a test of BYD’s battery technology. BYD is now in a period of rapid sales growth, which has been 5 consecutive years. The monthly sales exceed 100,000 units, and if quality problems occur, it will have a great impact.

Article source: Play Car Expert


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