China’s new energy purchase tax exemption policy will continue until the end of next year

News on August 19, according to CCTV news reports, the State Council executive meeting was held today, at which it was decided to continue the implementation of policies such as the exemption of purchase tax for new energy vehicles. To the end of next year, it will continue to provide support such as exemption from vehicle and vessel tax and consumption tax, right of way, and license plates. Establish a coordination mechanism for the development of the new energy vehicle industry, and use market-based methods to promote the survival of the fittest and the development of supporting industries for vehicle companies. Vigorously build charging piles, supported by policy-based development financial tools.

Earlier this year, multiple departments confirmed that the new energy vehicle purchase subsidy policy will be officially terminated in 2022, and vehicles registered after December 31 this year will no longer be subsidized.

New energy vehicles currently on sale in China not only enjoy subsidies for the promotion of new energy, but also enjoy the preferential policy of exemption from purchase tax.

On July 29, an executive meeting of the State Council was held. At the meeting, it was clear that the policy of exempting the purchase tax of new energy vehicles would be continued, but the specific extension time was not specified. Today, it was officially confirmed as a one-year period.

It is understood that since September 1, 2014, my country has implemented the policy of exempting purchase tax for new energy vehicles for the first time, and extended the policy of exempting purchase tax for new energy vehicles twice in 2017 and 2020.

At present, for ordinary pure electric passenger cars with a battery life of 400 kilometers (unit price should be less than 300,000 yuan), the subsidy ceiling is 12,600 yuan. Based on the car price of 150,000 yuan, the purchase tax is about 13,000 yuan. The two are superimposed. Equivalent to consumers buying a car, to spend 25,600 yuan more.

The continued exemption of purchase tax this time will undoubtedly save a lot of money for consumers.

Article source: Fast Technology


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