China’s July new energy vehicle insurance data released, sales fell 11.16% month-on-month

Recently, the data of new car insurance with compulsory traffic insurance in July was released. The sales volume of new energy passenger vehicles was 440,400, a year-on-year increase of 112.3%, but a month-on-month decrease of 11.16%. Among them, EV pure electric models sold 337,300 units, down 15.91% from June; PHEV (including extended-range hybrid) models sold 103,100 units, up 8.99% from June.

The reason why the sales of new energy passenger vehicles in July fell by more than 10% month-on-month was related to the ultra-high sales of nearly 500,000 vehicles in June.

Affected by the epidemic in April and May, new energy production and sales were at a low level. In June, production capacity recovered, so sales also rose. Therefore, it has become the month with the highest sales of new energy passenger vehicles this year. Compared with July, the sales volume The decline is also reasonable.

However, it should be noted that sales in July are still at a high level this year, second only to March and June.

Specific to manufacturers, BYD achieved sales of 139,100 units in July, an increase of 6.93% over the previous month; Wuling Motors achieved sales of 37,700 units, ranking second, a decrease of 10.87% compared with June; GAC Egypt was placed third, in July The sales volume was 23,100 units, a month-on-month increase of 6.39%.

Volkswagen’s new energy vehicle sales in July increased significantly by 22.56% compared with June, with a total of 22,000 units sold, ranking fourth. The total sales of ID series pure electric vehicles in July were 19,100 units, an increase of 21% from June. It has gradually established a firm foothold in the new energy market of joint venture brands.

In terms of models, in the pure electric list, Hongguang MINIEV is still the top seller in July, and it is also the top seller of new energy vehicles; BYD’s Yuan PLUS, Dolphin and Han EV are ranked 2nd to 4th in the EV list.

On the PHEV list, the top three products are BYD’s products, namely Song PLUS, Han and Qin PLUS. Ideal ONE sold 10,422 units in July, ranking fourth. World M5 ranked fifth.

Article source: Fast Technology


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