Ideal L9 first crash: customer test drive in rainy night, one changed lane into “guardrail demolition team”

Recently, the Ideal L9 still occupies the title of “Hot Search God Car” on the Internet. At present, the Ideal L9 has not been delivered yet, but the test drive has been started, and the Ideal L9 has also begun to be “reviewed” by consumers. However, accidents are inevitable during the test drive. Now, some customers have staged the “ideal L9 first crash”.

A few days ago, a blogger uploaded a video of an “ideal L9” car accident. The left front bumper of the ideal L9 was broken, and the front face was nearly “disfigured”, while the roadside guardrails were scattered all over the place, tens of meters in length, at the scene of the accident. a mess.

According to the blogger, this accident was the first crash of the Ideal L9. At that time, the sales took the customer to experience the rapid acceleration in the rainy night, suddenly encountering three lanes and changing to two lanes, and then the reaction was not urgent, and it hit the guardrail of tens of meters, causing heavy losses. Fortunately, the lidar is on the roof, and if it is on the front bumper, the loss will be even greater.

In addition, it is worth noting that this is also the second accident during the test drive of the Ideal L9. The previous customer claimed that a sudden braking caused the front air suspension to break during the test drive of the L9.

The ideal public relations said that the test drive was 90 kilometers per hour through a pit with a depth of 20 cm, resulting in damage to the buffer ring inside the air spring. He also said that the test drive is a trial car, and the production car will not have such problems.

However, as the incident aroused heated discussions, the Lili official released a big move to increase the Lili L9’s air spring warranty plan to the same 8 years or 160,000 kilometers as the three-electric system, which was considered to calm the public opinion storm.

Source: Fast Technology


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