Tesla customer service responds to the sun exposure in the panoramic sky: the oil car will also be hot, and you can buy a sunshade

Many new car manufacturers are keen to launch models with panoramic roofs, and they are not equipped with sunshades. Among them, Tesla is often regarded as a typical example. Recently, the Guangdong region has ushered in the grilling mode. In this weather, passengers who take Teslas to go out can’t stand it, so they came up with new tricks.



According to a video uploaded by netizens, a Tesla was driving, because the panoramic glass roof was too hot, the co-pilot passenger took out a water bottle and kept pouring water on the roof to cool down, which looked quite funny.

After the video was exposed, it resonated with many car owners, and everyone said “it’s me” and “learned”.

In response to this, Tesla customer service responded in an interview. The customer service said that Tesla glass is UV-resistant, and UV rays are the culprit of sunburn.

At the same time, the customer service also claimed that if the inside of the car is hot, it is not only the Tesla, but all cars are the same. Even if the car does not have a sunroof, the large piece of glass in front of it will still conduct heat. The temperature is the same, but Tesla makes it more intuitive to let people know what the temperature is in the car now.

As for how to solve the problem of too much sun, the customer service said that they can go to Tesla’s online store, they provide sunshades for car owners to buy.

Previously, more car owners shared the low-cost renovation plan of using newspapers to block the sky, and some people wore straw hats to drive Teslas. Anyway, in order to protect the sun, it can be said that they have tried every means.


So why do you think there are so many new car-making forces, including but not limited to Tesla, Weilai, Xiaopeng, and AITO, why do you prefer panoramic sky screens?

Article source: Fast Technology


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