Automatically charge electric vehicles anytime, anywhere! Envision Moqi charging robot real car display

On August 14, Envision Technology, a global green technology company, experienced the Mochi charging robot (MOCHI) with autonomous charging capability in Shanghai.

This robot is a more flexible and convenient charging system than fixed charging piles. It can realize remote App ordering, automatic car search, automatic charging and other functions. It is expected to be used in large-scale commercial complex underground parking lots and other fields in the future.

The traditional fixed charging pile will encounter the situation that the charging gun is stained and the parking space is occupied. The Moqi charging robot can avoid such problems.


After the user parks the vehicle in any parking space in the designated area, and places an order for charging on the mobile app, the charging robot in the area will automatically find the car, insert the gun to charge, and automatically pull out the gun and drive away after charging, realizing “contactless”. “The vision of charging.

It is reported that a single Moqi charging robot has a built-in 70kWh vehicle-grade battery, and the maximum output power of the charging system is 42kW, which is slightly larger than the power of ordinary household slow charging piles. The official announced that charging for 2 hours in an ideal state can increase about 600 Kilometer endurance.

Although the automatic charging robot cannot fill up electric vehicles like commercial charging piles, it can flexibly replenish energy for vehicles without electric vehicle charging parking spaces in the parking lot. There are large parking areas in office buildings, shopping malls, etc. Value, and greatly enhance the experience of electric vehicle owners.



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