Li ONE high-speed rear-end collision engineering vehicle official response: accident beyond the scope of ADAS work

On August 8, a video of a car accident involving a Li ONE high-speed rear-end engineering vehicle aroused heated discussions among netizens. The driving recorder showed that the accident vehicle, Li ONE, was driving in the leftmost lane at a speed of 77 km/h on a certain expressway section. It was not recognized, the AEB emergency braking did not work, and the vehicle did not slow down and slammed into it.

The vehicle status display shows that the ACC adaptive cruise and lane keeping assist functions are also turned on when the vehicle owner is driving. After the collision, the vehicle instantly switches to neutral and automatically lights up with double flashes. The installed air bag pops up directly. Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident and there were no particularly serious consequences.

On August 15, Li ONE officially responded: “The user has turned on the NOA (Navigation Assisted Driving) function, but the user has been in a hands-off situation, that is, not holding the steering wheel. In addition, the accident exceeded the ADAS of the 2021 Li ONE. Working range (stationary vehicle).”

At the same time, it also said, “The accident has been dealt with at present, and the user recognizes the cause of the accident.”

In fact, the current assisted driving function, which is generally used in the industry, is L2 level, which is far from the point where it can replace the driver, and the owner still needs to pay close attention to the vehicle condition.

Li Xiang, the founder of Li ONE Automobile, once said: “Currently, the combination of camera and millimeter-wave radar is like the eyes of a frog. It is good for judging dynamic objects, but it is almost incapable of non-standard static objects.”

“The progress of vision at this level is almost stagnant. Even if it is dynamic, the recognition rate outside the vehicle is less than 80%. Don’t really use it as autonomous driving.”


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