The cost of 0 nickel and 0 cobalt plummeted, calb industry’s first OS high manganese iron lithium battery

CALB official news, on August 28, CALB Vice President Xie Qiu delivered a keynote speech on “OS High Manganese Iron Lithium Battery” at the 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Conference (WNEVC), and announced the industry’s first OS high manganese iron lithium battery. Xie Qiu said that the battery platform technology of the OS was released at the World New Energy Vehicle Conference in Hainan last year. After more than a year of hard work, the pilot test has been completed, and the reliability test of the relevant supporting models is currently being carried out.

The OS battery uses the first performance principle to reconstruct the structure and process manufacturing technology of the battery cell. It is the fourth packaging form after the cylinder, soft package and square. It has higher energy density and higher manufacturing efficiency. , and higher space utilization.

The first-generation lithium iron phosphate battery pack using OS technology has an energy density of 152Wh/kg, which should be the highest value in the industry so far. At the same time, the overall energy density retention rate has reached 77%, supporting a vehicle cruising range of more than 600 kilometers. .

The prerequisite for all this is that the height of the battery pack is only about 110 mm. If the height of the battery pack is set to a height of 135 mm, which is more common in the industry, the cruising range of the vehicle can exceed 700 kilometers.

Xie Qiu said, “Based on the understanding of the battery user experience, combined with the relevant material technology and structural technology, the high manganese iron lithium battery of the OS has been developed.

It has the following characteristics: The first is better security. We use TPP2.0, the industry’s first thermoelectric separation technology, to ensure the robustness of system security. Second, it greatly reduces the amount of precious metals, including nickel, cobalt and lithium, helping users to obtain lower purchase costs under the same mileage conditions.

Third, the height of the battery pack is reduced by 7%, and the ground clearance is higher, reducing the probability of bumping. Fourth, the energy density of the phosphate-based battery pack has reached 180Wh/kg, and the energy density retention rate has exceeded 80%; fifth, it supports the vehicle to reach 700 kilometers. Sixth, it can be repaired and disassembled. Seventh, in terms of energy replenishment experience, we are rechargeable and replaceable. ”

Article source: Fast Technology


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