The new Xpeng P7 caught fire after driving 7,000 kilometers, and the fire department could not issue an investigation report: the reason is annoying

The new car drove 7,000 kilometers and suddenly caught fire, which was caught up by Mr. Liu. According to the report of “Xiaoqiang Hotline – Zhejiang Education Science”, Mr. Liu from Hangzhou had a Xiaopeng P7, which only ran 7,000 kilometers. On September 9, it was parked in the underground garage and suddenly caught fire, but the cause of the fire is unknown.

Due to the timely rescue, the P7 did not burn completely. It was observed that the burning marks were mainly concentrated in the position of the rear chassis guard. Subsequent manufacturers rushed to the scene and said that they could handle it with full authority, and then drove the vehicle out. Basement.

全新小鹏P7开7000公里起火 消防竟无法出具调查报告:原因恼人

After a preliminary inspection, Xiaopeng said that the fire should not be caused by the vehicle itself, that is, not spontaneous combustion.

Mr. Liu said that he was not a professional and could not determine the cause of the vehicle fire, so he found the fire department and wanted a detailed and authoritative investigation report, but the fire department said that it could not be issued. The reason is very simple: the vehicle was driven out of the ground. Library, the first scene has been destroyed.

全新小鹏P7开7000公里起火 消防竟无法出具调查报告:原因恼人

So there was a dispute between the two sides around this matter. Mr. Liu believed that Xiaopeng took the initiative to tow the car, and Xiaopeng said that he was not stopped when he was towing the car.

Follow-up reporters saw at the scene that Mr. Liu’s P7 did have obvious burn marks on the rear guard, but after removing the guard, there was no trace of overheating inside. Xiaopeng staff said that the car would not have any traces question.

全新小鹏P7开7000公里起火 消防竟无法出具调查报告:原因恼人

全新小鹏P7开7000公里起火 消防竟无法出具调查报告:原因恼人

Mr. Liu expressed his concerns: if the car has been burned by high temperature, will it cause safety hazards to the battery or other aspects of the vehicle. Xiaopeng said that it will conduct a thorough inspection to ensure safety. At the same time, Mr. Liu can also find Third-party inspection structure to verify.

Article source: Fast Technology


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