CALB Media Open Day held in Changzhou


On September 16, the CALB Media Open Day was successfully held in Changzhou. Representatives from more than 50 mainstream media attended the conference online and offline to witness CALB’s achievements in technological innovation, large-scale manufacturing, capacity construction, intellectual property layout, etc. the latest progress and results. Wang Xiaoqiang, vice president of the company and dean of the Manufacturing Engineering Research Institute, and heads of relevant departments attended the event and communicated on topics of concern to the media.

At the meeting, Wang Xiaoqiang comprehensively reviewed the outstanding achievements of the company in recent years-since July 2018, the company’s technical strength, market position, production capacity, and brand influence have continued to step up to a new level, and the power battery has been installed for three consecutive years. It has grown exponentially and has become one of the fastest growing companies in the global power battery industry. In order to meet the needs of the market and customers for high-quality production capacity, the company has expanded production in a timely manner, and has now completed the comprehensive layout of industrial clusters such as the Yangtze River Delta, Southwest China, Central China, and the Greater Bay Area, as well as materials and recycling bases. Recently, the company’s new bases and new production lines have been completed and put into operation one after another, and the release of high-quality production capacity is accelerating, laying a solid foundation for the company to better serve the market, achieve customers, and build the most sustainable development capability.


Wang Xiaoqiang said that the company’s ability to create and achieve the above remarkable achievements in just four years mainly depends on the following three factors:

The first is to have a visionary management team with a common mission, the most representative of which is the company’s leader, Chairman Liu Jingyu. Since Liu Jingyu took the helm of CALB in July 2018, it has brought a different cultural force and a new look to the company, which can be said to be the key to the company’s transcendence. Liu Jingyu is an entrepreneur with a forward-looking strategic vision, a business-transcending pattern, market-oriented operation ability, and excellent leadership. He has led companies beyond the leadership in the highly market-oriented and globally competitive panel industry. With her strong strategic planning and management capabilities, keen market insight, and risk prediction ability, she leads CALB to quickly and accurately grasp market opportunities, determine original strategic plans, and conduct market selection, customer selection, and product selection, quickly and comprehensively. Import customer-oriented market-oriented operation thinking. At the same time, based on a deep understanding of products and awe for life, she has strong lean operation capabilities and strong execution, leading the company to create leading product capabilities and constantly create competitive advantages. Grasp the company’s development strategy and competition strategy in real time, build a sustainable development force in the future, enable the company to have a competitive advantage at present, and lay a solid foundation for the company’s sustained and rapid development.

The second is the leadership of a distinctive and excellent corporate culture. The cultural concept that CALB people uphold is “altruism”, we advocate the big pattern of “achieve others first, then self, customers first, then self, make the market healthy and then self”, and advocate the whole industry chain to help each other and create A symbiotic, win-win, and vibrant industrial ecology will jointly achieve the great cause of new energy. At the same time, the company has shaped the customer-oriented core values ​​of “sincere, efficient, and win-win”, and has created a vision through the internalization and externalization of the struggler culture, as well as the construction of “liquid organization”. A perfect team with consistent goals, consistent actions, invincible and invincible, and stable support for the company’s sustained and rapid development.
The third is the company’s continuous leading technological innovation capabilities and hard-core product capabilities. CALB has more than ten years of profound technical accumulation. In recent years, the company has focused on implementing the product and technology leadership strategy and quality strategy, and has continuously made efforts in material technology innovation, structural technology innovation, manufacturing technology innovation and ecological healthy development innovation. It has successively released a number of world-leading, world-original and world-first technologies and products. In the sustainable development of the power battery industry, we pursue the ultimate balance of energy and resources, the ultimate balance of energy and safety, and the high integration of design and manufacturing; in the aspect of large-scale manufacturing for the TWh era, we propose three directions – Minimalist manufacturing, extreme manufacturing, and intelligent manufacturing have made significant contributions to the development of the industry.

In terms of intellectual property protection, Wang Xiaoqiang introduced that, as an innovation-driven company, our intellectual property strategy has long adhered to the dual-line strategy of “protection of research and development achievements” and “protection of intellectual property risk”. In the field of core technology, we protect our technological innovation achievements in an all-round way through the dual-wheel drive of patents and trademarks, and gradually form a patent protection net around our own advantages. We not only protect our own intellectual property rights, but also fully respect the intellectual property rights of third parties, implement intellectual property risk management and control in the whole business process of supplier selection, research and development, production and sales, carry out monitoring and early warning of the whole product cycle, and through comprehensive Intellectual property risk prevention and control to ensure the free implementation of the company’s products on a global scale.


At the event site, Zhang Chi, executive director and general manager of China Strategic Intellectual Property Research Institute, communicated and shared the IP-related issues that the media were concerned about.

At the meeting, the company also exchanged and answered topics of interest to the media. Before the event, the participating media representatives visited the company’s exhibition hall and visited the highly digital and intelligent battery production line at the production site. Go beyond business to benefit mankind; create a win-win situation and achieve greatness. CALB will create a win-win situation with all upstream and downstream partners, peers, and all ecological partners with innovative genes, technology leadership, and future-oriented strategic considerations. good tomorrow!

Article source: Energy Storage World


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