The first MTB technology in CATL has landed! 10,000 battery system cycle life

A few days ago, Ningde Times announced that after more than a year of research and development, Ningde Times first launched the MTB technology to implement the SPIC’s power-changing heavy-duty truck model. This technology will be the first to be applied to the SPIC Qiyuan core power replacement project.

Ningde Times said that MTB technology directly integrates the module into the vehicle bracket/chassis, and the system volume utilization rate is increased by 40%. The original U-shaped water-cooling system overcomes the problem of heat dissipation and provides a better solution for replacing heavy trucks and accelerating the electrification of construction machinery. .

Specifically, compared with the traditional battery pack + frame/chassis grouping method, MTB technology can increase the volume utilization rate by 40% and reduce the weight by 10%, which increases the vehicle cargo space and increases the cargo weight.

At the same time, the battery system life is more than twice that of similar products, with a cycle life of 10,000 times/10 years, system energy density of 305Wh/L, 170Wh/kg, and 140kWh-600kWh power configuration.

The technology adopts a low-frame design, the center of gravity of the whole vehicle can be lowered by 21%, the module + system is bipolar sealed, and has an IP69K protection level, which can be used in the temperature range of -35°C-65°C.

According to the introduction of CATL, the new generation of MTB technology can also be applied to bottom-mounted charging and replacing heavy trucks and construction machinery. At present, for every 10 heavy trucks or construction machinery, 9 of them are equipped with CATL power batteries.


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