farasis released SPS soft pack power battery system, charging for 10 minutes to replenish 400 kilometers

On September 9, farasis technology launched a new SPS soft pack power battery system. The new battery has an energy density of 330Wh/kg, supports 800V, 4C fast charging, and can get a cruising range of 400 kilometers after charging for 10 minutes. Farasis Technology is a leading company in the domestic soft pack battery field. Facing users’ anxiety about mileage and charging, as well as the inherent advantages and disadvantages of soft pack batteries, it has carried out a comprehensive innovation from cells to structure and technology, and launched a new Soft pack power battery system.

By limiting the huge expansion of the charge and discharge of the silicon material, and with auxiliary materials such as single-wall carbon nanotube conductive agent and new binder, a stable electrode system is constructed, and the energy density of the battery is increased to 330Wh/kg. , can get longer cruising range under the same weight.

Compared with the previous large module battery, the integration of the new SPS soft pack power battery is increased by 30%, the service life is increased by 2 times, the material cost is reduced by 33%, the group efficiency is reduced by 75%, the equipment cost is reduced by 48%, and the manufacturing cost is reduced by 30%. %, it is also a large-capacity, all-pole, semi-solid battery with a rich material system.

In terms of charging, the 800VTC overcharge and overvoltage technology can make the charging rate reach 2.7C, the SOC 10%-80% charging only takes 15 minutes, and the battery can still provide about 90% of the capacity at minus 20 °C.

In addition, the new battery also features high safety, a 5% increase in cruising range, and compatibility with 400V and 800V systems.

In terms of production capacity planning, farasis technology currently has a battery production capacity of 21GWh (including 16GWh in the first and second phases of the Zhenjiang base and 5GWh in the Ganzhou plant). Anhui Wuhu 24GWh, Southwest China (planned) 36GWh.


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