Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory localization rate reaches 95%

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai is the first Gigafactory outside of the United States. It has become the main force of Tesla’s production since it was put into operation three years ago. In August, the 1 millionth Tesla electric car was just rolled off the assembly line. Tao Lin, vice president of Sla, said in an interview that the localization rate of the Shanghai Gigafactory has reached 95%.


Tao Lin recently accepted an interview with Chinanews.com and talked about the development of Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory in China. She said that the current localization rate of the Shanghai Gigafactory industrial chain has reached 95%, in Shanghai, Suzhou, Ningbo, Nantong, etc. The Yangtze River Delta region has established a “4-hour circle of friends” to form a whole ecological chain of new energy vehicle parts.

Tao Lin said that Tesla’s Shanghai factory has also opened up the national automobile industry chain market, forming a complete “safe, independent and controllable” industrial ecology. A batch of high-level supplier partners.

At present, China’s new energy vehicle industry has formed a complete industrial chain that integrates hardware such as body, floor, and three-electrical systems, to software such as intelligent cockpit and automatic assisted driving.

Article source: Fast Technology


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